Jay-Z – Can he do it for real this time?

Jay-Z, multi-millionaire hip-hop mogul, first rapper to be president of a huge record label (not an imprint), and hubby of Mz. Beyonce is close to signing a deal with Random House, who by the way, is the parent company of Ballantine Books – who Q-Tip just recently inked a deal with for his Industry Rules.

The deal in the works is supposedly a three-book deal, with the first release to be a compilation of Jay-Z lyrics decoded. As a matter of fact, the title of the book will be Decoded. After that, Jay will decide if he wants to continue the deal with the other two – one being a memoir, the other a business how-to. Big things happening for Hovito, baby.

The big question mark lies on Jay, though. Will he actually go through with releasing the books, none of which have even tentative dates? Seven years ago, Jay-Z backed out of a deal with MTV Books citing privacy issues while working on The Black Book. This project was scrapped, never to see the light of day.

Young Homie, who seems to be in limbo about his rap career’s direction, will surprise us if he does actually release a book or two or three. I think it will be some good reading, though I would prefer to see Ghostface’s rhymes decoded – who by the way – is releasing a comic book. More on this…



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